CountrySaudi Arabia
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Freelancer / AgencyAbdullah AlSalem
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CountrySaudi Arabia

Recruitment operations have always had challenges in managing and organizing them, and because we went through these challenges ourselves; We created HRcom system. We faced many problems in the recruitment processes, especially in using E-mails to recruit. We were facing many problems regarding sourcing for
candidates and communication with them, and in sorting, saving, and returning to resumes. We also spent a lot on some sites to sign up and complete these procedures.
Afterward, the problem got bigger and inspired us to look for a better solution. We search and concluded that all employment system around the world was established on a technical basis.
Therefore, we launched a recruitment system that provides all the needs of the recruitment process including self- employment, building a database of candidates, conducting interviews, and sending the job offers.
In building this system, we wanted to provide an easy and flexible recruitment process for the recruiters, and we also wanted to provide a smooth and flexible experience for the job seekers in their looking for a job experience. So that in the end, the impact of this experience would be reflected positively on the reputation of the establishment.

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