Gridliners Association

Who are We?

Gridliners is a professional association for design & creativity. Gridliners sole purpose is to support, develop and enable designers’ creativity and abilities through inspiration, communication and guidance.

We chose the name “Gridliners” because we believe that design is based on science in the first place and because Grids have its organizational significance, especially in our industry, as we aim to organize design work and help designers to work in an orderly and scientific way away from false information and distortion.

We welcome everyone and every organisation who wants to be a part of this association as we aim to unite our efforts, not divide them.  

Our Values


Our goal is to unite our efforts instead of work separately. For that reason, we value everyone’s contribution and welcome everyone to join us or collaborate with us.


We commit to support and help designers to achieve excellence and improve the Design profession in the world.


We respect everyone regardless of their backgrounds, cultures and views and work intensively to help the Arabic speakers designers earn their respect as they should be.


Building open and transparent relationships with our partners and members is critical in order to achieve our goals.

Our Mission

To inspire, motivate and empower Arab designers to lead growth and innovation in the Arab world.

Our Vision

To build a community for Arabic-speaking designers and creatives and help them improve, get inspired and impact.

Want to be a member?

By becoming a member of Gridliners association you will earn excellent networking opportunities with other designers and influencers in addition to tangible benefits for education, inspiration, and professional development. Not mentioning having discounts on our courses and events.