The Witcher Opening Sequence – Gold 2022

TitleThe Witcher Opening Sequence (fan art)
ClientPersonal ART
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
CategoryCommercial Film/Ad
Freelancer / AgencyAnnas Zakir
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Always been obsessed with working on a series-opening sequence never gets a chance so decided to make something for me with all creative freedoms and with no deadlines, I choose one of my favorite series The Witcher I choose some scenes from the same series and some random related to it
and try my best to replicate them or at least as much as I can.

I made it all from scratch models are bought from the internet and learned a lot of new things while doing that which is also a plus point for me.

At the same time, I get so much new stuff for my next reel and I was enjoying doing that. 🙂

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