Suwalif Tea – Gold 2022

TitleSuwalif Tea Repackaging
ClientSuwalif Tea
CategoryIdentity - Packaging Design
Freelancer / AgencyChameleonc
CreditsHashem Jaafar, Zainab Jawad

Suwalif tea has been in the market for three years, it is imported from Sri Lanka, and comes in various

It is a special mix tea recipe that captures the traditional taste of tea, that makes the unique Bahraini Blend
The project aims to elevate the overall packaging and visual appeal to a more practical design and visual appeal that can cater to additional flavors as the brand grows in variety, market share as well as age groups.

“Suwalif” in Arabic means conversations, often associated with drinking tea as the preferred social drink served during hangouts, and family visits, deeply rooted in the heritage of Bahraini people where their main hangouts were the traditional cafes in the heart of the “Souqs” of Manama the capital of Bahrain.

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