Khan Mandi

TitleKhan Mandi
ClientKhan Mandi
CategoryIdentity - Brand identity redesign
Freelancer / AgencyIbrahem Khalil

With the start of the New Year, a brand is making its way to the world, from the past of the Yemeni civilization, between the plains and deserts and the blue sky, the open lands and historical kingdoms. We were inspired by the new design Mandi”, the Yemeni restaurant specializing in the traditional dish of Mandi, representing the heritage of Yemeni cuisine and its most famous dishes.
The new logo was designed with Arabic letters and colors that resemble the world which the authentic dish emerged. The gradient colors used gave a new depth, spirit, and a dynamic shape that keeps up with the modern world and its rapid changes. The surrounding Arabic ornaments completed the final shape of the made it consistent and visually appealing.
Thus, the rest of the identity is completed with the same concept, to meet the desires and ambitions, and to launch them toward the desired vision.

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