The Most Merciful – Bronze 2023

TitleThe Most Merciful
CategoryTypography - Calligraphy
Freelancer / AgencyGamal Assy

The name (Ar-Rahīm), “The Merciful,” encapsulates the profound and limitless compassion of Allah in Islam. It goes beyond ordinary kindness, expressing a divine, all-encompassing mercy that is inherent to Allah’s nature. Ar-Rahīm signifies a mercy that is extended to all of creation, encompassing believers and nonbelievers alike. This attribute emphasizes the forgiving and nurturing nature of Allah, highlighting His willingness to pardon, guide, and support those who seek His mercy. It also implies a continuous, unending mercy that is not restricted by human limitations. ArRahīm is a source of solace and hope for believers, reassuring them that, no matter the circumstances, Allah’s mercy is ever-present and accessible to those who turn to Him in repentance and gratitude.

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