Rami Jbara Branding – Gold 2021

TitleRami Personal Branding – Rebrand
ClientRami Jbara
CategoryIdentity - Personal Identity
Freelancer / AgencyRami Jbara

After I reached an advanced stage in the business and started appearing professionally in front of my clients and in front of everyone online, the need arose to create my own brand and improve my visibility on social media, so the rebrand was easy to easy to distinguish my identity and style for everyone, as I used the style of Swiss schools in design, and the reason was ( I just love this type of works ).
My first name “Rami” was used in the script logo and was designed in a balanced and geometrical way to give a sense of vitality, strength, stability and creativity – and the letter (R) was distinctive in the logo so that it was not just scripts but the intention of the development process. This is to have the viewer say my name like this (Rami, Brand Designer) I want my name to be pronounced and memorized instead of seeing an icon that reflects my field of expertise

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