Pearl Center

TitlePearl Center
ClientRuqayia Al-Ali
CountrySaudi Arabia
CategoryIdentity - Brand identity redesign
Freelancer / AgencyKonh Studio
CreditsZain, Alaa, Haneen, Sarah, Hassan, Hussein
CountrySaudi Arabia

The Magnificent Pearl Center for Children’s Hospitality is a project concerned with preparing children and developing their mental and motor abilities through the Montessori system. And that is through a distinguished and specialized staff that is able to discover what distinguishes each child separately.
Since the year 1435 AH, work has been done on Providing workshops supporting the Montessori system and presenting them to 1/4 individuals through the charity committees in order to educate the community about the importance of this system And its benefits for children and their proper upbringing Montessori Approach: The Magnificent Pearl Center for Children’s Hospitality adopts the Montessori approach, which is based on the philosophy developed by Maria Montessori. This approach
emphasizes the importance of independence, freedom within limits, and respect for each child’s unique capabilities. The brand’s specialized staff is trained to effectively implement the Montessori
principles and techniques.
Individualised Care: One of the core strengths of The Magnificent Pearl Center is its ability to recognise and cater to the unique qualities of each child. The specialized staff is skilled in observing and understanding the individual needs, interests, and learning styles of every child. By doing so, they create personalized learning experiences that promote optimal growth and development.
Community Education: Since 1435 AH (2014 CE), the brand has been actively engaged in providing workshops that support the Montessori system. These workshops are conducted in collaboration
with charity committees, reaching out to a wide range of individuals within the community. The purpose of these workshops is to educate the community about the significance of the Montessori
system and its benefits for children’s proper upbringing.
Impact: The Magnificent Pearl Center’s commitment to the Montessori system has resulted in numerous positive outcomes for children. By fostering independence, self-discipline, and a love for
learning, children who have been part of the program have demonstrated enhanced cognitive, social, and emotional

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