Movie App – Gold 2021

TitleMovie App UI
CategoryIdentity - Digital Identity
Freelancer / AgencyRami Jbara

An application project for watching movies – as it specializes in superhero movies and action movies Through which he can watch according to a certain atmosphere within the application to give him the impression that is specialized in that application The user can create an account on the application, save the movies he prefers, and share them as well, and he can watch a series of movies that will be released soon and watch the latest movies that have been shown in cinemas. Watching through his profile will be able to get likes from other users, as the number of movies he watched and which will also be watched will appear, and this will raise the other user’s interest in watching movies and adding them to favorites through that user The application viewing screen has been given full comfort. The user when he fills the viewing screen completely, he will be able to control the brightness, sound and many more things just by dragging his finger right, left, up or down This app is aimed at fans of action movies and superheroes of different ages as well.

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