LaReine Cafe

TitleLaReine Cafe
ClientGNJ Group
CategoryIdentity - Packaging Design
Freelancer / AgencyChameleon
CreditsHashem Jaafar, Khalid Al Ammadi

Imagine reliving the opulence and nobility of a by gone era. How about pausing awhile in France sometime around the late 17th century? Café La Rein in Bahrain is a nod to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the last King and Queen of France, who are best remembered for their legendary extravagance.
Serving an indulgent variety of quintessential gourmet French delicacies, Café La Rein aims to recreate the grand French classical lifestyle reminiscent of the Château De Versailles.
The rich and ornate interiors of the Versailles Palace infused the design thinking – from the logo and packaging to the overall branding elements in the Café.
One of the key branding highlights of Café La Rein is reviving interest in a period of French history by using culture, expressive art and exuberant design. A holistic perspective has ensured that all brand communication is clear, consistent and complementary. 
The logo draws inspiration from the Rococo style in which walls, ceilings, and mouldings were decorated with delicate interlacing curves. The elegant typography thus conveys an artistic charm with exuberant use of curving natural forms in ornamentation.
The primary brand colours are blue and gold; both highlighting royal character in line with the brand story. Applying the Baroque style, the stylistically complex packaging elements seek to create a sense of grandeur, sensuous richness and emotional connection.

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