Al Jaami’ Al Badee’

TitleAl Jaami’ Al Badee’
CategoryUnited Arab Emirates
Freelancer / AgencyDana Abu Shaaban
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Al Jaami’ Al Badee’ project represents the 99 magnificent names of Allah and their valuable meanings, highlighting their significance impact on our lives. This project has a variety of scientific, moral, and spiritual benefits. It was achieved by focusing on an educational perspective for individuals who are interested in knowing the 99 names of Allah and their meanings more in depth.
This project focuses on an innovative exploration experience of the Square Kufic Calligraphy, structured in three main forms of a particular Islamic pattern: hexagon, square, and triangle. The uniqueness of it lies in the way the calligraphy is formed and composed together in the pattern to present the 99 names of Allah in an artistic manner. Moreover, the grooves between the pattern forms represents the various paths that can lead to Allah through his beautiful names.
Furthermore, it’s essential to define these great names and to illustrate the inimitability embedded in each one in a creative way that will revive and benefit their knowledge strongly, since they are a guide for our hearts and a light to our paths.

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